22 hours ago

The K&P trail is an easy groomed trail following an old rail line. Every few Kilometers you cross a road. Very nice trail

1 day ago

Part of the Bayfield River Valley Trails - has a hill, lovely river views with beaver, eagles and access to river fishing.

4 days ago

Hiking shoes are a must. Some mud - some hills - overall a very moderate trail with great views.

This is a nice family easy trail. I enjoy walking around both ponds instead of going the traditional route. It's longer and more scenic

Biking trail can be tough sometimes as there some steep slopes, however it's really nice to bike right beside the lake!

Was ok Short though

7 days ago

Good hilly walking trail for families. Had a little brook half way through and an old abandoned Chevy to add some interest.

I absolutely loved this trail. It's one of those places you don't expect to be so good. it was awesome for mountain biking though at times there were spots I had to get off my bike and navigate around. Because of falling debris and I would recommend bug spray. But overall it was worth the 50km drive from my place.

Did the Horse Lake trail - Marr Lake trail loop. It was great! The Grotto was crowded. Be sure to continue north past the Grotto and check out overhanging rock. It was the best experience imho. Just ask the park staff how to get there when you check in. Just remember its not as easily accessible as the Grotto. There's moderate hiking required. There's also a path under the rock on the far side of the site.

14 days ago

Great trail. Nice easy trail, couple of hills to climb. Nice views of the river. Very quiet trail. Only met a few people along the way.

Terrible access from Leslie and Steeles. Nice part of the trail is near the Don Mills entrance. Don Mills area has nice parks and a wide paved path - good for young kids. Trail follows a drainage ditch not a river. Disappointed.

mountain biking
16 days ago

it was great in the beginning we were going on to the hike trails but after 2 mistakes i found where to bike route were