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10 hours ago

The waterfalls are pretty... we ventured out on the rocks/river and got some great pictures (being late Fall the water level is pretty low so we felt it was pretty safe to do so). The trail on the app says it's only a .5 km hike, but the actual trail is a 3.6km loop...an easy walk along the river and through the woods. There is one steep incline/descent, but there are stairs. Overall, an enjoyable walk with our dog.

Excellent loop with waterfalls (when enough rain)!

11 hours ago

This is such a great photo opportunity walk! Very easy but an amazing chance to see some beautiful views all year round. It's stunning in the winter, just watch your footing for hidden ice!

15 hours ago

on Shubie Park Trail

1 day ago

People if your DOG is humping everthing in sight or NOT FRIENDLY....it should be on a @$/##! LEASH or are you too dense to understand that...

Careful of hunters

1 day ago

I went here every weekend for a month! I absolutely love it. The best time is to go 2 hours before sunset or early morning! Make sure to bring a flashlight.

Awesome hike! The view is absolutely breathtaking and the trail is decently challenging. We chose to continue on after the teahouse toward the lookout which was definitely worth it. The only real downside is how busy it is, but once you leave the trail around the lake, the crowds lessen.

Great hike! The lake at the end was beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking!

Nice hike! Quite easy. The only downside was how close the trail is to the highway near the beginning. We went at the beginning of December during a weekday and it was almost completely empty, which was great!

Absolutely stunning views of the waterfalls and river. Truly a sight worth seeing. I'd rate it a 5, but in comparison to the Rocky Mountains, where I normally hike, it's a 4.

This was a beautiful walk! I recommend being best spray as a couple we passed on the trail said a black bear had crossed the path right in front of them. Lots of areas to climb and explore - children would love it! It reminded me of an enchanted forest with all the moss and hiding spots and little waterfalls. Last summer my husband and I walked this area with the kids - we crossed the footbridge at the parking lot and did that route which was also beautiful and fun. This time hubby and I took the path (from the parking lot) to the right of the bridge and it was even more beautiful. I can't wait to come back here with the kids when we are out again in the summer.

3 days ago

Beautiful, and wasn't as busy as I thought it was going to be. Definitely a moderate trail though. Beginners might find it difficult. All in all a nice hike!

This is an amazing walk with so many outcropping for views of the ocean. Very much worth it especially during the winter storms awesome power!

Beautiful trail very fun elevated path through some amazingly lush forest. There are two paths here A and B. Path A is currently closed due to damage was not clear when it will reopen.

Not a hike so much as a workout. Very steep and the first 1/4 always has me doubting my sanity but once I'm past the "holy f&&ok" stage, it's awesome.